I am back again!

It has been a while since I’ve been on, much less posted any new recipes. I will try my best to post more and more recipes and other things along the way. I’ve started a new chapter in my life these passed two years and I am ready to get things going again. I plan on making a small recipe book soon. For those interested I will keep you posted on that as much as I can. So, let’s get this rolling again. Thank you to all those who have visited the site and have tried my recipes. Thank you for the feed back and feel free to leave a comment or two. All of your opinions matter and help me make better food for my family, friends and viewers.


For the Veiwers

I am sorry that I have not posted in a while but, My family and I were suddenly saddened and Shocked at what took Place at ” Sandy Hook School”.  Although I will not comment on What is taking place by the President and his Co-Workers at the White House the NRA or Other companies or people who are speaking their voice on the situation, I will just simply stick to what I have to say about this Blog and Me.
First I want my viewers and readers to know that I was deeply affected by the Senseless crime that took place at Sandy Hook and I will Pray for the Families who lost their little Angels and Beloved teachers, Mothers, Daughters, Friends, Family, Sons And all those loved who Parished during this Tragic Crime. I felt the need to spend a little time with my own children and family to let them know what to do in case of an emergency while at school. I am Glad to report that My children’s School Board is putting More secure safety in Action at this School. We ( The Parents) Have all spoken to the School and inducted a more secure policy to protect our Little Angels better and more safely. I will not comment on what was arranged out of respect but, I can say that they are safe. I have also contacted my State Governor to speak with him about more secure actions to be in place.
I want to thank all of my viewers and readers for bearing with me during this and not being upset of any posts not being made. You are very understanding and I appreciate that very much. I will resume posting this day and continue to post. If you would like to post your comments please feel free to do so. I am open to all of your comments or questions. 
I would also like to say a few more things. If you or anyone you know has seen or heard anything that does not look or feel right in a person to call some one either at your local Sheriff’s Office or a local hotline for such things. I am not saying to over welm your Hotlines or Sheriff’s Office with Silly things. Please be more aware of how people act or speak  around you or others to prevent more tragedies from happening.  Please let God and Jesus into your heart and let good be with you and let it out to show others.  Pray for Love, Hope, Joy, peacefulness in this time of tragedy, Compassion and pray for the return of our Lord to the Hearts of so many. Pray also, For the families who are Hurting during this Holiday Season. I send all of my love and Prayers to these families to heal and love again.
I am still deeply saddened by this but, I will continue to Post and Write to you as you can also comment and write to me. I hope You all have a Merry Christmas this year and Be safe Traveling During the Holidays.  I hope that Santa visits your little ones with lots of toys and goodies to make them happy and don’t forget to make Santa those Christmas Cookies and leave the reindeer a few carrots too. I have come to accept the carrots for the reindeer because I have been told a lot that they also get hungry.  
Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays. Be Safe and have Fun This Season.


I want to apologize for the delay. We have had some bad weather here and we are also getting ready for school. Actually Today was the first day. Such a Bittersweet day. We got off to a great start and got everyone to school on time. I met teachers and signed papers.. Oh  what fun. The one thing that I do not miss on the first day of School. But I do have to say It was a beautiful morning. A great way to start the School week. I hope all of your little ones and your Teenagers Have a Great School week.

The Olympics

                                   I am enjoying the Olympics this year. Well what I have seen of it. I know that 2 Americans have broken the World Record in two different sport sections. I also know that China is awesome in the synchronized Diving, Even though they are not American. Good is Good i guess. Phelps Kicked butt in the Swimming and The Skeet shooting was Awesome. I guess I am country that way. I also enjoy the Gymnastics. I can not see how they do all of those moves without breaking something. My body hurts just watching them. My girls are bouncing around the house saying that they want to do at least 10 of the sports. I wish I had their energy.

                                 Ahh… Kids are great. I am tired. I have had a very long day. We could not go outside to do anything half of the day. That was fun. Spending half of the day inside with 2 wired kids is always soooo.. How you say, Energetic. I was glad when the Weather let up so I could send them outside to play. Not to mention the dogs had unmentionable energy as well. I thought they were going to have a heart attack the way they were running around playing. They have run themselves unconscious.

                            Well, I have been Informed that in the Women’s Gymnastic’s the U.S.A had won Gold.  I really don’t see how they can do that for 2 weeks. You would have to drag me out of there. I would be to sore and tired to walk.


Well I have to say this blogging thing is going great. I love sharing my recipes with you. I will be posting some more recipes soon. I am still trying to figure this page thing out. I am new to this so I don’t know if  I am setting everything up right way. Which posting and things like that are not my problem. Setting up the page and having it work right is a thorn on my side. I have them set up and working it is just nothing in that page is wanting to work right. Maybe I clicked a wrong button.  Then again I am not a computer genius but I get by… barely. lol. If you have any pointers for me  I will gladly listen. Anything to help out.

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